Freezepop's New Album!

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We're finally making our fifth full-length album, and we need your help to give it a proper release!

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Album update from Sean:
over 2 years ago – Fri, Sep 08, 2017 at 12:36:00 AM

Hi guys. Let me first apologize for lack of updates. This should be a no-brainer but then it slips my mind for months. I'm hyper-focused on the actual music and I'm bad at being in 1,500 new relationships.

Where to start? Feeling very optimistic at the moment. The albums are going very well. This is a great relief because as recently as like March we had almost zero lyrics actually matched up to any songs. We had so much music recorded that I was sure the lyrics would just fall into place but it took a long time to build up ideas and themes into something coherent. We still care about the album format (because we're old I guess) so things like themes and sequencing are important to us. It couldn't be forced. No art can really be forced, is the problem. We've been doing this for too long to compromise and not release the record we feel is the right one for us right now. But, as I say, things took a major turn in April and May and by the end of May we had rough vocals on 16-17 tracks. Now we're working through a second equally dense group of songs prior to doing final vocals/mixing. This summer has been kind of like doing pickups on a film where you look at a rough version and decide what needs to be added/subtracted/changed/re-done/et cetera. It's a very normal part of our process, but of course I wish it went more quickly. WE CARE A LOT.

The main album itself is a bit sprawling at the moment, but we're chipping away at it. It's pretty, exciting, a bit dark but also uplifting, a little funny here and there, and also occasionally a little somber. A bit cinematic I suppose. With the last record and with this one, we sat down and listened to our album catalog and tried to make some instinctual choices about where to go next, about which boundaries to push. We would hate to repeat ourselves too much. I feel like we're succeeding at going to new, exciting places, but you always feel like that when you're getting towards the end of making something and the adrenaline is going. A lot of the ideas that we had 2+ years ago (when we started) have been thrown out, as we ended up progressing in certain ways throughout the process which felt more natural. When you're going to have to play new songs for however-many-years, you don't want things to feel too narrow or contrived. Will you like it? I certainly hope so. I think so. I hope it feels as fresh to you as it does to us. Are we making Freezepop Forever 2? No. Are we making Imaginary Friends 2? No, although that was tempting at a certain point. I suppose there are some similarities just based on personnel.

I cannot thank you enough, sincerely, for your patience and love throughout this process. Just know that a lot of love (and sweat, this summer at least) have gone into this project. We really want this to be the best that it can be. At the end of the day it's a pop album(s) and maybe I/we occasionally overthink these things, but I feel like we're really hitting an interesting stride. It certainly doesn't sound like anyone else.

So yeah. Apologies again for being out of touch. I'll try to be better. If you guys have any thoughts or wanna ask questions please leave comments and I will get to them in the next couple of days!

Cheers, y'all.


Hey! An update!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 12:37:16 AM

Sorry, it's been a long time since the last update. Mostly because there hasn't been anything too too exciting to update about. Sean is chipping away at things. There's progress, but it has been mostly him holed up in the studio for most of the summer. There are a *lot* of songs in progress. 

ANYway, this past weekend, I started doing temp vocals on the second big batch of songs. So that's a milestone! 

(The second batch of songs.)
(The second batch of songs.)


Here I am, ready to vocalize.
Here I am, ready to vocalize.

 And then, we got a visit from The Duke!!

 And thennnn, we got everybody together!!

 So yeah, The Duke left this morning, but we had a lovely couple of days with him. And now back to the grindstone... Sean will be having some Studio-Hermit-Time this weekend. Hope you all have a good Labor Day weekend, and hopefully we'll have more news to report on semi-soon-ish...

Hello there: an update.
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 11:51:53 PM

 We had a band meeting tonight. 

• We listened to some demos. 

• We drank some Zima. (Not a lot of Zima, that stuff will make you feel Terrible.)

• Bananas told us about the Tears for Fears/Hall and Oates show he saw this weekend. 

• We admired Simon and commented on what a Good Boy he is.

So all in all, a pretty productive meeting.

over 2 years ago – Wed, May 31, 2017 at 10:58:07 PM

Look who's here, laying down some sweet harmonies!

Album update: Progress! Momentum! It's coming together! I've been doing some temp vocals and Sean is sorting out various bits-n-pieces. 

And I'm getting going on the album cover as well. You guys, I even Pinterested. Wanna sneak peek at some inspirations? (*Disclaimer: the finished work may or may not look anything like these examples)

OK, that's all for now... toodle-oo! 


A long-awaited update, and reward for your patience!
over 2 years ago – Thu, May 04, 2017 at 12:54:37 AM

Hello all! We've been pretty quiet around these parts lately. In this case, no news is good news, we've been making some progress, and the overall album is slowwwwly coming together. 

BUT! While we have been working on our stuff, it just so happens that the Duke has finished working on his bonus song. A few months back I had sent him a few batches of unfinished lyrics to work from, and he gravitated towards one called "Uncanny Valley." It was kinda wistful in its original form, but the Duke worked his patented Duke-Magic™ and a) made it a bit more hopeful and b) turned it into an actual song. 

We'd been going under the assumption that it would get released at the same time as the other material, but you all have been so patient, we wanted to give you a little something to tide you over! So you'll be getting a download link very soon via Backerkit (check your spam filters if it doesn't show up).

AND ANOTHER COOL THING: The Duke will be doing a Facebook live broadcast on our Facebook group ( tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:30pm Eastern time/6:30pm Pacific. He'll be talking about his part of the songwriting/production process, and you'll get to check out his studio and see that DukeMagic™ in action! 

Anyway, hope you like Uncanny Valley! Thank you all for hanging in there, more good tunes are on the way soon!