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Freezepop's New Album!
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1,555 backers pledged $88,087.30 on Kickstarter

We're finally making our fifth full-length album, and we need your help to give it a proper release!

Raised in Kickstarter
$88,087.30 / 1,555 backers
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$5,692.01 / 1,560 backers
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Our CD. Autographed. That's pretty much it.
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The vinyl release of our album, on some yet-to-be-determined-fancy-colored vinyl.
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Limited edition autographed triple-CD
Fancy limited edition package of our album plus the two bonus albums.
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Designed by Liz E., silkscreened on your choice of 2 shirt colors. Shirts are Bella/Canvas (3001 ... more »
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Download of our upcoming album in MP3 and FLAC formats.
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Download of the first stretch-goal bonus album in MP3 and FLAC formats.
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Designed by Liz E., limited edition, 11x17 digital print on heavy stock.
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Learn About Our Project:

$65K Update!

Amazing, you guys. We'll be putting out the album + the 2 bonus albums as a signed/numbered limited edition triple-CD package!  

I have added some new reward tiers, and I've also made a little guide for our add-ons and upgrades (sorry, the Kickstarter interface is a little convoluted when it comes to a-la-carte stuff, but it's not that difficult to do, I promise)

As far as new stretch goals, we're not setting specific milestones, but any money we get beyond this point is going towards making video(s)!

$60K Update!

Yay!! We hit our $60K stretch goal! This is majorly exciting, we'll be working with an amazing group of folks (full listing below). Thanks to you all for getting us there! I've added a new reward tier for a download of all three albums, and the bonus album downloads will also be added to any reward tiers $30 and above.

Sean has a very important message for you.

$50K update:

WOW, we have unlocked the $50K stretch goal!! Bonus album, here we come!! Plus a new original song with The Duke, for some old-school love. We're so happy about this. It's gonna be fun, you guys!

Here's how you get these rewards:

  • ALL backers are going to get a download of our song with The Duke!
  • The bonus album download will be added to all tiers $30 and above
  • And I'm adding a new digital-only tier for the album + bonus album.
  • Remember, you can change your pledges throughout the campaign if you need to re-evaluate our new rewards :-)

And now, let's talk about our $60K goal!

We want to do another bonus album: this one will be full of collaborations/remixes/guest appearances by many awesome pals, the extended Freezepop family, and even some mortal enemies. Behold this stellar lineup:

How it all works:

Once we hit our $60K stretch goal, this bonus album will be "officially happening". All tiers $30 and above will get a digital download. I'll also add another digital-only tier for the original album plus the two bonus albums. But hmm... wouldn't it be awesome to have a fancy limited edition triple-CD package? Well, as it turns out, that sounds like the kind of thing we'd be able to cover with a $65K stretch goal! So stay tuned...

$40K Update: 

Aaaaaaa, we have reached our $40K stretch goal! That means this album gets put out on vinyl!! Thank you all for getting us there, we are so excited. It's something we've been wanting to do for a long, long time. We're looking at our options, but rest assured, it will be lovely. (Most likely, colored vinyl with a full-color sleeve.)

Here's how you can get your very own vinyl: 

  • Even if you have already pledged, you can go in and change your pledge until the Kickstarter ends on May 26. 
  • I have added a few new reward tiers that include the vinyl release. You can either change your reward to one of these tiers, or you can purchase the vinyl as an add-on to your existing reward. For US shipping, add $30, for Canada add $38, and the rest of the world should add $45. (Sorry, shipping this stuff is wicked expensive.) 
  • (And just a heads-up, there is currently an industry-wide manufacturing backlog on vinyl. So vinyl packages will be delayed by a few months — but you'll still receive your album download link as soon as it's available!)

So... are we ready to talk about new stretch goals?? 

  • If we hit $50K, we are going to do a bonus album, PLUS there will be a new song that we do with The Duke!! Old-school + new-school goodness! SuperFreezepop! So excited to do something with him again. We've occasionally played shows together since his retirement from active Freezepop duty, but this is the first time we're working on a new thing together.
  • If we hit $60K, we'll add on another bonus album — this one will feature lots of collaborations and remixes. We'll be announcing some more collaborators over the next couple of weeks, can't give it all away just yet :-)

If these stretch goals are unlocked, these releases will be available as digital downloads, and will be added onto every reward tier $30 and up! And ALL our backers will be able to download our song with The Duke!!


We are Freezepop. We make fancy electropop music in Boston, MA, and have been around since 1999. You may know us from some of our songs being included in some fantastic music games, like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and recently, the reboot to the Harmonix classic Amplitude! We're also probably the only band ever to have been featured in both The L Word and PBS Children's series Arthur. Or perhaps you've seen us play at PAX or DragonCon, or some random dive bar, or maybe even at NASA. 

We have been working on our fifth full-length album, and we're turning to you folks to help bring it into the world (and of course you'll get a lot of really cool rewards in return). We're very excited about the music, and want to give this album a proper release. With past albums, we've done the being-signed-to-a-label thing, and we've also done the taking-on-massive-amounts-of-debt-to-release-it-ourselves thing. Neither of those options are really ideal, so this time around, we're happy that we can work directly with our fans to make this project happen.

We promise we won't blow all the money on a bigger kiddie pool.
We promise we won't blow all the money on a bigger kiddie pool.


Q: So what is the deal with this new album?
We have a lot of demos in various stages of progress. Sean says, "Many, many, many, fairly developed," and that they are sounding "deeply awesome." There's still a ways to go, but we're pretty excited with it so far. It sounds like Freezepop. 

Q: You guys are in videogames and TV shows and are totally famous, what do you need us for?
We definitely need you! Not to burst your bubble or anything, but we're not actually *that* famous. And that $3 check featured in our video? That's real, and actually less than $3. We have day jobs and stuff. I'm not saying this to make you feel guilty because you listened to us on Spotify or whatever, just saying that this is how the music biz works now. Freezepop is a labor of love, and we do LOVE it. But we need your help too.

Occasionally we are rockstars (left), but usually not (right).
Occasionally we are rockstars (left), but usually not (right).

Q: So what do you have planned?
Our initial goal will cover everything involving the release of the album itself and the various rewards we're offering. If we pass that goal, we have plenty more we're thinking about... a vinyl release! A bonus CD! Some very special guests! Videos! Books! But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. 

Q: Okay, tell me about the rewards that you have available now?
Many things! Some of these rewards can also be purchased as add-ons (specified in the descriptions below).

Reward descriptions:

  • The digital downloads will be available in MP3 and FLAC formats. 
  • The CD itself is gonna be beautiful (the more money we end up raising, the more deluxe we can make the packaging), and with every reward tier above $75, they will be autographed as well.
  • Pins and stickers: they will be cute, yes indeed.
    (Also available as add-ons: $10 US/international)
  • T-shirt: This design will be exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign (i.e. we won't be selling it on our website or at any shows). I haven't designed it yet, but it'll be a companion piece to our album cover. We'll make it available in a wide variety of sizes and 2 color options.
    (Shirts are also available as add-ons: $25 US/$35 international)
  • Poster: Also designed by me (Liz), also exclusive to this Kickstarter. It'll be an 11x17 digital print, ready for you to frame up and hang on your wall and feel awesome about every time you look at it. This is not yet designed either, but I did go to art school and all, so hopefully it'll turn out pretty nice.
    (Posters are also available as add-ons: $15 US/$25 international)
  • Sandwich: Maybe not a full-on bake sale, but wouldn't you just love a Freezepop commemorative sandwich? (Disclaimer: the sandwich will probably not be all that tasty.) We'll sign the baggie it comes in. I was originally thinking fluffernutter, but then that would probably kill folks with peanut allergies, and we don't like to kill people, so probably just plain Fluff (in honor of our home base, Somerville, MA). We also shouldn't be shipping food overseas, so international customers will receive a picture of a sandwich instead.
    (Sandwiches are also available as add-ons: $40 US/$45 international)
  • The Ultra•Spectacular Bonanza USB drive and Phantoms EP download card: These are also currently available on our website, but we wanted to include them here in case you haven't gotten around to picking them up yet. That's 159 extra songs (in MP3 and FLAC), basically our entire back catalog plus a bunch of unreleased awesomeness like videogame mixes, remixes, demos, etc.
    (Also available as add-ons: $50 US/$55 international)
The cute lil' USB!
The cute lil' USB!
  • Signed lyrics: The lyrics to the Freezepop song of your choice, printed on an old-school dot matrix printer (specifically, the Apple ImageWriter II that belonged to the Enthusiasm family in the 80s, lovingly restored by little brother Les Enthusiasm). We will sign the lyrics and even keep the little perforated paper thingies on the sides. (Disclaimer: relying on 80s technology is a little dicey... if it happens to break, we will substitute handwritten lyrics.)
    (Also available as add-ons: $50 US/$55 international)
  • Listening party access: When the album is complete, we'll have a listening party/meet-and-greet at a yet-to-be determined date and location in the Boston area (disclaimer: it will most likely be a 21+ venue). You'll get a guest list spot, and we will dance and have a lovely time.
  • Voicemail: However you wanna work this one — we can record an outgoing message for you, or just leave you a voicemail, or call somebody for you and leave a voicemail for them (disclaimer: we will not break up with anybody via voicemail for you).
  • Personal shopper: A thing you may know about me (Liz) — I very much enjoy thrift shopping. Let me buy you some mystery presents. I find pretty good stuff. You will also receive a Freezepop shirt from our inventory (you can specify the size, but the design will be a surprise, a lot of out-of-print treasures in here).
  • Credits: Your name listed in our album thank-you credits! Or for the high rollers, a producer credit! Impress your friends with how super-cool you are!
  • Comic strip: A member of Freezepop will draw a comic strip that features the wacky misadventures of you and the animal of your choice. Send us a picture of yourself, or we can just make a wild guess about what you look like. This will be on 8.5x11 paper, various media, suitable for framing.
    (Also available as add-ons: $150 US/$155 international)
  • Painting by Liz: I have combined my love of painting with my love of music with my love of thrifting, and make weirdo pop art out of vintage album covers. (They usually have creepy eyes.) This is an original painting, not a print/reproduction. 
  • Skype hangout: An hour with 2 band members of your choice (or all 4 us at the Big-Time Producer tier), we can talk a lot about synthesizers, Star Wars, 1980s fashion, or whatever else. Maybe we can all eat pizza over the internet together. Sean is also pretty great at band counseling, Metallica-style.
  • The $3 check: The actual check from our video for $2.93 in streaming royalties (minus the portion where our address is, in case you are a creepy stalker).
The Music Industry
The Music Industry
  • Cover song: We will record the cover song of your choosing (we reserve the right to refuse anything objectionable, or like 17 minutes long). Ideally you'd give us 2 or 3 options and we'd choose the one we feel we could do the best job with. We'll burn you a CD, and won't release the recording otherwise (although you're welcome to share it around if you want (non-commercially, of course)). You can also opt for us to do a stripped-down version of one of our own songs.
  • Dinner: We will take you and a guest out to dinner at one of our favorite places in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area. (Includes dinner, does not include travel.)
  • Jingles: Sean will write you a short (and maybe stupid) jingle, for personal/non-commercial usage. Or, at a higher tier, a less-stupid jingle for commercial usage.
  • Vinyl: Yay, we unlocked the vinyl stretch goal! We're looking into options, but we're thinking colored vinyl, because we're suckers for that kind of thing. (Also available as an add-on: $30 US/$38 Canada/$45 rest of world)

To purchase these as add-ons to other reward tiers, click on the "Manage Your Pledge" button, and add the desired total to your existing pledge. Select "Continue to Next Step" and confirm your updated pledge. When the campaign is over, we'll be in touch to confirm the details of your add-ons.

Q. Where is the QY-70?
That guy. I dunno. He said he was gonna be here like 4 days ago.

Q: $30,000 is a lot of money. What are you actually going to do with it?
Well yeah, it is a lot of money, but having released several albums on our own already, we have a pretty good handle on how much these things actually cost. We're lucky that we can DIY a lot of the recording/production and design end of things to keep costs down, but it still adds up. Really boring stuff too, like cables and padded envelopes and soundproofing for our studio. And of course we want to actually pay the people who are helping us. So here's a handy chart of how we anticipate things will end up at $30,000:

Anyway, there it is. Thanks for reading this far, and thank you all so much for your support over the years. Let's keep it going!

Liz, Sean, Bananas, Christmas (and the QY-70, wherever that guy is)

credits: video by mike gill with assistance from shave media
main photo by carla richmond. pool photo by rick webb. staircase photo by violet shuraka.