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We're finally making our fifth full-length album, and we need your help to give it a proper release!

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Here is what's up!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Sep 07, 2018 at 07:44:08 PM

Sorry for the long gap in updates!  I'm coming up for air after a huge project at work, it's been basically non-stop since we got back from our tour... BUT it's finally (mostly) over, and I've even been getting back into working on the album covers! More on that when I actually have stuff to show y'all. Soon, though.

-Liz E.

(and now a word from Seany D)

Hey palz. Your old buddy Sean here. If you came out to our July shows, thank you very much. We hadn't played a batch of new material in many years and it was very gratifying. The shows gave us some real adrenaline.

So, updates:

We have a song list. We've narrowed the main album down to 14-15 tunes and we're still doing a bit of writing (although the lion's share of that is over). I would love to have that to you digitally by the end of the year. I don't know. Fingers crossed. The good news is that there's a massive amount of music that we're really pleased with. This process has been a complicated one but it's going to yield results for a long time (there's basically a 4th album and an instrumental record already in the can). We appreciate your patience and it's been frustrating for us too, but I promise it will be worth it, and we'll likely be future-proof for a few years after this. There are over 100 songs of vastly varying moods and styles.

When we're making a new record, our standards are high. If we had rushed this out it would have suffered. I've been making music for 30 years and at this point it kind of has to be right. The album has continued to evolve and at a certain point in the process we had to respect that and let it happen. We have to push past our previous work in some respects or we wouldn't be happy. Almost none of the earliest tracks that we recorded for this were up to our standards. They didn't quite pan out. That was like a year of work. We truly needed the time to evolve and go somewhere a bit more uncharted. We owe you everything for that opportunity. It's quite rare at this point that bands get to make records this way, which is a shame. But we've been afforded that opportunity and it truly is a luxury in 2018, what with label budgets being slashed and development deals for bands being basically non-existent. It's kind of old school, but that suits us. Thank you for the chance to work in this way. It may never happen for us like this again, so we're very grateful. I truly think you're gonna love it, if the reaction from the shows is any indicator.


getting there...
4 months ago – Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 12:23:38 AM

From Seany D: "Oh hello! Well, we're getting much closer to having the main album done. We had a listening party two weeks ago where we perused 35+ new tracks (that are like 90% done) and we're trying to make sense of the puzzle and put each song in its proper place. It's been a fun couple of months and the album is *so* much better for having taken some extra time. Once we decide on the lineup for the main album we're gonna re-do most of the vocals and then mix. Liz has been listening to the main group and practicing so we're hoping that step goes quickly. We're also hoping to get a couple of preview songs out before our mini-tour in mid-July. Fingers crossed on that one. It would be nice to prove that we still exist. Yeah. I dunno. Any questions?"

I will jump in here to fill y'all in on the mini-tour that Sean is referring to: YES we are playing some shows! It has been forevvvveerrrrrr. The deets:

Thursday, July 12th: at Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY. With Symbion Project. 8pm, 16+, $10/$15. Tickets:

Friday, July 13th: at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. With Kodacrome and Symbion Project. Late show, 10:30pm, 21+, $12. Tickets:

Saturday, July 14th: at the Sinclair, Cambridge, MA. With Party Bois, Photocomfort, and Symbion Project. 7:30pm, 18+ (or younger admitted with parent), $15. Tickets:

So yeah, it's a very mini mini-tour, but we're gonna wait until after the albums are done to do more extensive touring. If you can make it to this round, it's gonna be super-fun! The Duke is gonna be playing with us! Like, as Symbion Project, but also as The Duke. Christmas is on maternity leave so she can't travel with us, but she's promised to pop in for a guest appearance at the Sinclair show.

And I will leave you with some delightful photos of our rough mix listening party:

Me, our awesome pal Richard (who helped us out a great deal with this Kickstarter), Bananas, Xmas, Danny Gold, many Star War friends, our pal Emily's disembodied feet and arm, and merch girl Abby.
Me, our awesome pal Richard (who helped us out a great deal with this Kickstarter), Bananas, Xmas, Danny Gold, many Star War friends, our pal Emily's disembodied feet and arm, and merch girl Abby.

A lot more vocals today...
6 months ago – Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 12:33:15 AM

Today was the almost-the-end-of-the-temp-vocals day. I took the day off from work (Danny Gold doesn't work on Tuesdays so we figured having a full, non-weekend day would work best). We started out with some Indian buffet from Dosa-n-Curry, a local vegetarian place (although next time I think we'll opt for something lighter/less sleepy-making). And then back to the studio, and we got thru 4 songs. Just a few left, before I get to do the whole thing over again! 

A good hair day, too.
A good hair day, too.

Some studio pix!
7 months ago – Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 01:38:33 AM

Last night: vocals and tea
Last night: vocals and tea
Seany and his thinking cap and the tennis glass
Seany and his thinking cap and the tennis glass
Bananas writes. Sneak preview: it's about the moon.
Bananas writes. Sneak preview: it's about the moon.
Simon's special place is behind Sean's desk, where nobody else can bug him.
Simon's special place is behind Sean's desk, where nobody else can bug him.

An update from Seany D
7 months ago – Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 12:28:06 AM

Hey gang.

Things are moving along pretty well here at Freezepop central. Apologies that this has taken so much longer than we thought it would, but the results will be worth it. It's just a process that cannot be forced. If it could, we would have. Basically every moment of my life is currently spent thinking about this, which is probably not ultra-healthy, but there you have it.

We have a wealth of material, which is kind of a blessing and a curse. We have a few different versions of what we're calling The Main Album and part of the problem is really just making the decisions. There is some comfort in knowing all of the material we like will eventually see release, but the editing/culling process is pretty brutal right now. The album form is really important to us and track sequencing is also a big creative priority, so it's a difficult process. We have a basic structure and we're kind of making substitutions here and there and trying out different orders et cetera.

We have demo vocals left to do on 7-8 more songs then we do final vocals. Liz has been rehearsing along with rough mixes on most of the material for the better part of six months so we're hoping it will go very smoothly (this has worked for us in the past). After that it will be some additional vocal production and some icing on the cake in general then we should be done with the Main Album. As we're mixing we'll be bouncing out final vocals for the remixers. Our plan is to deliver the album to you guys digitally *as soon as we have it back* from mastering, then we do the same process on Album Two (which has been being produced in tandem so tying it up should be short process). In terms of the physical products and the custom songs it's gonna be a bit longer.

Since we have such a surplus, we're also considering our first (basically) instrumental album, which, if it happens, would be sent to you guys as a bonus for your patience. Sort of untested territory, but I think it could work. You can all make '80s pastiche training montage videos and send them in.

We're also beginning to make plans for shows later in 2018 and well into 2019 and 2020. This may include a series of 20th anniversary reunion-type shows with some possible other surprises, but we're still kind of working that out. I'm probably saying all of this too early, but I want you guys to know that discussions have been taking place and things are looking pretty good.

In addition to updating you today I really wanted to say how thankful and absurdly grateful I am that you've been so incredibly patient. I never take anything to do with this band for granted. I've met many of you, which is one of my favorite parts of being in Freezepop, and I hope to meet the rest of you when we start playing shows again. I honestly cant wait to get out on the road in some form or other.

When we started this process we had 60-70 instrumental demos ready to go and I truly thought it would be a no-brainer. Thank you so much for seeing me through this process and being so understanding as I've dealt with some pretty major life events over the last year. It has been overwhelming. If we didn't care what you guys thought we would've put out some inferior version of this record a year ago, but I can't stand the thought of disappointing you with regards to the actual music. Every record we do has to make sense and has to be what we see as an extension of what has come before, creatively. I would have loved for you to hear this thing six months ago, but what's really important is that we make something which will stand the test of time. I don't think we quite had that for this album until recently.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon. Your pal, Seany D.