Freezepop's New Album!

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We're finally making our fifth full-length album, and we need your help to give it a proper release!

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"Memory Disappears" new video and maxi-single!
8 months ago – Fri, Dec 04, 2020 at 07:51:07 PM

Hi y'all! We have some new stuff for you today! A brand-new maxi-single has been sent your way (access it from your Backerkit profile, and redeem it at: and just email me if you have any technical issues.)

Also, the video is premiering tonight! 

• At 8pm Eastern time at:

• Then a live Q&A with the band on our YouTube, 8:30pm at: 

• Then Sean is doing a hotttt DJ set on Twitch, 10pm at: 

It's almost like having actual Friday night plans! I'm even gonna put on makeup! 


Shipping updates!
9 months ago – Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 09:26:22 AM

Hi, y'all! Just a quick update here about shipping on various items... 

• There were some supply chain issues with various sizes of t-shirts that we were ordering. Worked through them with our printer, and we did end up swapping out a few manufacturers based on their recommendations, but it shouldn't be a noticeable change in the shirt styles/materials. Anyway, everything now is supposedly back on track and gonna be printed very soon. So once we get the t-shirts in, I can start shipping out a biiiig batch of orders! 

• The latest word from our vinyl manufacturer is that they're due to be completed in late December. Then they still need to ship from the Czech Republic (where they have a surprising monopoly on record pressing), so I'd tack on another couple of weeks there. 

• The bonus disc materials are still in the works, so packages involving the limited edition 3-CD pack will be the last to ship (more updates to come in the future as we have more news on this). 

• In the meantime, if you're still waiting on your physical goods, make sure you've downloaded the album! Email me, if you need help locating your downloads.

• Also, if you're still waiting on stuff and need to update your mailing address, email me and we can sort it out.

One more update: we got a cute puppy. Her name is Nova and we lovvvve her. (But also, wow, puppies are a LOT of work.)

Oh hey, how about another maxi-single?
10 months ago – Thu, Oct 01, 2020 at 10:58:18 PM

We're releasing another maxi-single, this time around it's Fantasizer's title track, with some b-sides and a great many remixes, including one from The Duke! And as a thank-you for your patience, we're sending y'all some download codes! Let me know if you didn't get yours (email me! 

And also a new video coming tomorrow as well! Check it out at: (and watch the Anchor to the World Below video if you haven't seen it yet). 

OK, enjoy!

We're shipping orders soon... make sure your mailing address is correct!
10 months ago – Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 07:14:38 PM

Hi everyone! Just a quick logistical check-in, because we're going to start the first round of shipping this week. This first round includes the orders for the regular CD. Vinyl and the triple-CD are still a ways away, and I will definitely be giving y'all another heads-up before those start shipping those. Anyway, what I need from you:

  • If your mailing address has changed since the Kickstarter ended (or if there's a chance that the address on there might be incomplete/wrong/etc), we need to get that updated!
  • Log into your account on to check!
  • The addresses have been locked on their end, so you'll need to email me ( with your correct address, and I can fix it. 
  • Or if any other mystery problems are happening, you used some old email account that you no longer have access to, whatever, just email me with your info and we'll get it sorted.

Don't be the sad person whose merch gets sent to some random house! Let's fix it! Yeah!

If you could do this by TUESDAY, I'm gonna start sending stuff mid-week (and please bear with me, as Covid has squashed the idea of a nice envelope-stuffing party, so it'll just be Seany and I trying to get it all done).

10 months ago – Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 01:49:41 AM

 Well... it seemed like this day would never come. But here we are! You'll be getting a link to download our full album!

Before I go getting all mushy, a little pre-emptive tech support. If you don't get your link:

1) Check your spam folder for an email from Backerkit.

2) If that doesn't work, log into your account on Backerkit, and you should be able to access your downloads there.

3) If that doesn't work, email me ( with your full name and I can send you a link.

To redeem your code, you'll need to visit and enter your code. Some people have had it not work when they copy/paste their code, so if that's the case, you'll need to type your code.  

As I noted the other day, Bandcamp made their download link teeny and hidden. It's here: 

And you can download multiple different formats (you just need to download them separately). Annnnnnd if things still aren't working, email me and I'll sort you out.

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, I just want to say THANK YOU again to everybody who has backed us, your support really made this possible. And thank you for your patience! I know we took wayyy longer than we had originally thought, and 99.5% of you were totally cool about it  :-)

The response to our "Anchor to the World Below" video and maxi-single has been amazing, and we're so excited to get the full album out into the world. Non-Kickstarter folks can get their hands on it starting October 6. (It's available for pre-order on our brand-spanking-new website,, which Xmas and I have been hard at work on, and is still a little bit WIP, so if you happen to see anything weird/broken on there, send a screenshot to!)

One more favor: if you like our album/video/whatever, it would mean a LOT to us if you could help us spread the word! Album promotion is pretty much like screaming into the void, especially in these weird times when playing shows is just not possible. And honestly, hearing about stuff from friends always means a lot more to me than some random review or playlist.

Anyway, we really are proud of this album and hope that you love it. <3